Food equipment of LLC Prodlife

Since 1990, Prodlife has engaged in the design and manufacture of non-standard equipment for industries with special sanitary and hygienic requirements: the food, confectionery, processing and pharmaceutical industries.

Equipment. Our enterprise is one of the largest Ukrainian the producer of the packing and packing, food equipment. We embody individual approach to the client. In our company the customer receives the equipment which is most adapted to working conditions.

The approximate list of the packed products: tea, coffee, grain, sugar, nuts, candies, pasta, flour, powdered milk, mayonnaise, spices, the frozen vegetables, pelmeni.

We one of the first mastered release of Production lines of semi-finished products (cutlets, hamburgers, schnitzels). Today we offer the lines which aren’t conceding on productivity and quality, foreign analogs, such as Schaller, Hollymatic and Koppens. And the price as you already probably guessed, is 50 lower than percent, considering that in ours the equipment the main knots and driving pneumo-mechanisms of the leading European producers. Just you don’t pay for “brand”!

Guarantee and service. Our experts carry out commissioning, installation works, providing input of the equipment in operation, make guarantee and post warranty maintenance which includes consultations, diagnostics and repair of the equipment, timely replacement of faulty details, also make training of personnel.

Our Clients. Many large enterprises producers of semi-finished products, corn stick became our clients.

Price policy. Our prices are lower, than at competitors approximately for 30%, and equipment productivity, due to use of own developments is 20-30% higher. Estimated prices are specified in the description of each product.