Machine of plasma cutting of NPC metal

Machine of plasma cutting of NPC metal

We will manufacture to order the machine of plasma cutting of NPC metal.

The NPC the machine is characterized by high efficiency, cut accuracy, low-cost intensity in production, convenience of operation.

Size of a table, mm 2000 x 3000
Cutting accuracy, mm +/-0,2
Plasma Source of Hypertherm 45
The max. thickness of the cut metal, mm from 0,5 to 25

The machine is completed with the compressor, the dehumidifier and the system of smoke removal.

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The machine of plasma cutting – the serial equipment of the company of the producer.
Станок плазменной резки металла ЧПУ

The offered installations intend for performance of automatic cutting, and provide high precision of a cut at the minimum consumption of metal.

Machines are equipped with the high-performance modern equipment with numerical program control. The machine of plasma cutting made at our enterprise is capable to work with metal of various thickness – from thin in 0,5 mm to rather thick in 25 mm. The possibility of processing of various thickness of material depends on the power of the source of plasma cutting established by car. We use reliable machines of plasma cutting from the known company Hypertherm Powermax.

The size of the working field of our machine of plasma cutting with the NPC varies depending on desire of the customer and there can be both 1500 mm x 3000 mm, and 2000 mm x 6000 mm. The control of height of the plasma cutting torch introduced by car provides constant distance from him to the processed metal. It will help to cut curved sheets and various metals with roughnesses.

The software of this machine of plasma cutting with the NPC thanks to the placed library of ready forms provides data entry without special knowledge of algorithms of programming that, of course, is very convenient. Data to the necessary format are transferred by the special program. The possibility of input of drawings by means of USB of an input is also provided.

The efficient unit NPC of the machine of plasma cutting allows to make serial disclose rather large number of details. By means of library of ready forms developers of installation provided use of the most widespread circuits of cutting of details in advance. It is possible to use this software on the portal machine of plasma cutting of metal without connection of special programs of cutting. And in library of the machine of plasma cutting with the NPC the most common forms (a triangle, a square, a circle) are already set.
If there is a need of manufacture of a difficult circuit which in a basis of the machine does not exist, then by means of its simple interface it is possible on to enter manually into the program in a workplace of the operator. The NPC system of the machine of plasma cutting prepares metal cutting so that the expenditure of processed material was the most economic.

In general, speaking about installations of plasma cutting of metal with the NPC, the prices for which in our company very moderate, we also imply quality of the equipment. Our buyers obtain a guarantee of long-lasting and smooth operation

We are ready to help to select the most suitable modification of the machine of plasma cutting with the NPC. Special mounting of the bought equipment will not be required. Addressing us, you select high-quality and inexpensive portal machines of plasma cutting.