Пищевое оборудование

The hydraulic syringe for production of sausages

the Hydraulic syringe for production of sausages allows to work with natural and artificial covers, is applied at small enterprises and in retail chain stores.

The case of the car is manufactured of stainless steel, a cover and the ...

Smoke house

Smoke house is intended for hot and cold-smoked meat, hens and fish products, production of sausages, cheese, meat delicacies.
Smoke house works in four main modes : subdrying, roasting, cooking, smoking.

The smoke generator and the steam generator which are ...

The line for production of the formed semi-finished products

At our fast rhythm products which preparation saves the consumer’s time are necessary for life. More and more the tendency to the use of semi-finished products because of convenience of their preparation extends.
Depends on you in what volume you ...

Production of dry breakfasts. Production lines

Production of dry breakfasts (corn stick, popcorn, etc.)

Production line of dry breakfasts consists from:

  • UE-07 extruder
  • Tape conveyor.
  • A drum for pelleting of the tunnel DBT-03 type
  • Installation drying electric tunnel conveyor UST-3
  • ...

Packing equipment

One of activities of LLC Prodlife is design, development and production of batchers, conveyors, screws, of the packing equipment for liquid, loose, small piece, piece hardly loose, the svodoobrazuyushchikh, the raising dust food and not food materials and ...

Screw batchers

The screw batcher belongs to a type of volume batchers for loose products and is used practically always for dispensing of difficult loose — the powdery and raising dust products, for example: torments, starch, xylitol, etc. For easily loose products ...

Capacities from stainless steel

LLC Prodlife has wide experience in production of capacities of different function. A main type of the made capacities – of capacity for the food industry . Capacities are made with a shirt of cooling or heating, equipped with ...