Packing equipment

Packing equipment

One of activities of LLC Prodlife is design, development and production of batchers, conveyors, screws, of the packing equipment for liquid, loose, small piece, piece hardly loose, the svodoobrazuyushchikh, the raising dust food and not food materials and products.

Expanded description:

Batchers loose, small piece, hardly loose, the arch forming, batchers for preparation of construction mixes (the multicomponent batcher). Dischargers of cars for unloading of cement, grain, fertilizers from cars like a hopper in motor transport, capacities, warehouses in receptions of the bunker of packing batchers.

Automatic the automatic packing machine the forming bag from a polyethylene sleeve, packs up and packs into bags, production of the multicomponent automatic machine for preparation of CCC is possible. Shnekovy, turbine batchers for packing in valvate and open bags of cement, plaster, hard putties, dry construction mixes, the device the batcher for packing in big-beg bags the containers big-bag. Packing automatic packing machines and semiautomatic devices for packing in three-sutural packages the films formed by devices of a cloth loose, raising dust, hardly loose, the melkoshtuchnykh of products and materials, horizontal automatic packing machines for packing of piece products. Also tape conveyor, lamellar conveyor, roller (live rolls) of various execution.

Screws of various lengths, diameters, executions, including channeled, revealing, compound, also designs with their application. Screws are used to unloading, loading, transportation, dispensing or crushing. We manufacture under the order screws for agricultural machinery.

We make lines, a complete set in additional knots and the equipment increasing automation, productivity, accuracy, convenience. We repair and upgrade the equipment, we restore screws. On the website there is a catalog of the equipment (not full).

As generally we make the equipment under the order, at production we will consider all your wishes and offers. When you need the equipment, address us). Often ready packing equipment is in a warehouse Ukraine.

We will consult, we will help to pick up an optimal variant, we will provide information.

Сoncerning acquisition of production and also another interesting you, a request to follow the link Feedback to specify the topic interesting you in the letter and to leave the contact information (we will communicate in the shortest terms), or to call us by phone specified on the page Contacts