The hydraulic syringe for production of sausages

The hydraulic syringe for production of sausages

the Hydraulic syringe for production of sausages allows to work with natural and artificial covers, is applied at small enterprises and in retail chain stores.

The case of the car is manufactured of stainless steel, a cover and the piston from the anodized aluminum. The design of the syringe provides full tightness of a working zone of the cylinder and piston that excludes hits of oil in raw materials. The piston easily is removed for carrying out service and a wash of the equipment. Inclusion of giving of the piston is carried out by “the knee lever”. After completion of giving of a product and achievement of an extreme top point of the cylinder, the piston automatically falls down to initial working situation. The hydraulic system of the syringe is equipped with adjustment of feed rate of the piston and the system of an automatic decompression when lowering “the knee lever”. For control of pressure in hydraulic system the manometer is installed. Technical characteristics:

Volume of useful loading of the cylinder, l (kg) 35.

The price of the hydraulic syringe is from 2500 c.u. depending on the volume and a complete set.

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Demonstration of operation of the equipment for production of sausages