Production of conveyors

Production of conveyors

LLC Prodlife manufactures various conveyors, namely: mechanical continuous vehicles for movement of various freights of small distances. Conveyors of different types are used in all industries to loading unloading and transportation of materials in the course of production.

Lamellar conveyor. the Lamellar conveyor represents two parallel branches from metal chains with rollers in connections. Chains are connected among themselves by plates – wooden or metal depending on a type of the transported freights. Wooden plates are applied to transportation of the freights packed into boxes, boxes, barrels and other container; steel – for unpacked bulks: coal, slag, coke and others dry kuskovatykh of freights.

Tape conveyor. The Tape conveyor consists of the cargo bearing infinite (ring) tape, intermediate basic rollers and driving and tension drums with the driving equipment and the supporting framework. The tape can be tarpaulin, from rubberized canvas or from a thin steel strip. In tape conveyors for transportation of bulk materials (coal, sand, gravel, cement, crushed stone) by means of basic rollers the tape is given the form of a trench for increase in the bearing ability and for economy. The packed freights usually transport on a flat tape.

Tape conveyors are widely used to coal mining and other minerals in underground excavations where the working space is limited. Such conveyor doesn’t demand big height, and therefore well is suitable for coal mines. It consists of a number of easy steel sections on which the forming trenches and returnable basic rollers, separate driving and mobile tension sections together with all necessary power equipment are fixed. The possibility of reversal is usually provided that allows to transport not only the got product from the mine, but also materials, necessary for work. Such shipping means are usually cheaper than rail transportation as don’t demand traveling facilities, electric locomotives and consume less electric power.

Rope conveyor. The Conveyor of this kind consists of an U-shaped trench and the infinite wire rope moving in him with metal disks at identical distance from each other and also gear drums and the driving equipment. Such rope conveyor is suitable for transportation of not abrasive materials, for example coal. Most often rope conveyors are used in constructions where they move coal from the mine to the reception platform. Rope conveyors are used also to giving of logs on a sawing frame or on alteration in a pulp in pulp-and-paper production.

Scraper conveyor. The Scraper conveyor used usually to transportation of bulks represents a trench in which the infinite chain with the scrapers moving material moves.Loading can be made in any point of the conveyor, unloading – through the openings in a trench opened by gates or at the end of the conveyor.

the Conveyor with an overload spontaneously. Such conveyor represents the combination of a ladle elevator with the scraper conveyor consisting of two parallel branches of an infinite chain between which a number of ladles of a V-shaped profile is suspended. He can move material at the same time down and across. In lifting section ladles move expansion up, and at the end of a vertical run where chains go on asterisks, bend. Their contents are poured into the horizontal trench on which it moves, as in the scraper conveyor.

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