Smoke house

Smoke house

Smoke house is intended for hot and cold-smoked meat, hens and fish products, production of sausages, cheese, meat delicacies.
Smoke house works in four main modes : subdrying, roasting, cooking, smoking.

The smoke generator and the steam generator which are separately programmed is established and in the course of work function in the automatic mode.

The semi-automatic sink of internal volume, smoke generator and pipelines is provided in the camera. The smoke house completely is manufactured of stainless steel.

Control of the following parameters Is exercised:

  • Temperature in the camera
  • Temperature in a product
  • Humidity
  • Operating time

Temperature in the camera 18-125 ºС

Operating mode of the camera – semi-automatic. Smoking type more hotly + cold.

The Price of the smoke house is from 4000 c.u. depending on a complete set.

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