Household and industrial pumps

Household and industrial pumps

LLC Prodlife makes household and industrial pumps for various purposes and tasks.

The line of the released equipment turns on external centrifugal pumps, vortex pumps, monoblock pumps, console pumps, multistage horizontal and vertical pumps, gear, automatic pump stations, stations of increase in pressure.

Electric pumps are issued as for household and industrial application. Production of electric pumps from cast iron, stainless steel and also bronze is possible. At production of a pump part, diffusers, driving wheels from stainless steel the seamless technology is used.
Also we manufacture pumps which are used for the general water supply and supply of chemically nonaggressive liquids, in irrigating installations, water highways, in the industry, at fire extinguishing and for creation of pressure when giving from wells, capacities and mines. Pumps can be installed as in horizontal and vertical position. The maximum temperature of pumping of liquid to 30 C.

Cases of pumps, electric motors, driving wheels, diffusers can be manufactured of cast iron, stainless steel or bronze, depending on rigidity of the pumped-over water.

The program of production of the pump equipment not fully reflects possibilities of LLC Podlife therefore we are ready to consider any proposals of consumers on development of new types of pumps, their modernization, delivery of spare parts and service.

Concerning acquisition of production and also another interesting you, a request to follow the link Feedback to specify the topic interesting you in the letter and to leave the contact information (we will communicate in the shortest terms), or to call us by phone specified on the page Contacts