Production of dry breakfasts. Production lines

Production of dry breakfasts (corn stick, popcorn, etc.)

Линия производства сухих завтраков
Production line of dry breakfasts consists from:

  • UE-07 extruder
  • Tape conveyor.
  • A drum for pelleting of the tunnel DBT-03 type
  • Installation drying electric tunnel conveyor UST-3
  • Tape conveyor.
  • Vertical hose packing VShM-9 car



The extruder device it is intended for production of products from various food grain by compression of raw materials with a warming up (corn, wheaten, rice sticks).


  • the regulation of speed of rotation of a knife allowing to operate semi-finished product length on the run;
  • regulation of temperature of a head;
  • two types of the batcher (vibration or the screw) depending on a look and quality of grain;
  • easy access to working couple for cleaning and replacement;
  • intensifying key of a clip of working couple (eightfold strengthening);
  • automatic loading of the bunker the extruder device and additional charge in the course of work (at the request of the customer).


Productivity of 30-50 kg/h
Power consumption of 16 kW
Еhe аeeding tension 380B / 50
Working temperature of 100 – 150 °C
Working pressure of 2-10 kg/cm of kV
Сooling water Consumption (no more) of 30 l/hour
Overall dimensions of of highway in 1200 * 650 * 2000 mm
Weight of 450 kg



Еhe conveyor tape is intended for transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products, ready foodstuff in production shops and warehouses.

The sizes, productivity, extent of automation and other depends on a technical task of the customer.



The drum is intended for pelleting, glazing and powder by bulk additives of confectionery. By production of corn sticks allows to refuse application of sunflower oil.

The reel of tunnel type is manufactured of food stainless steel. The design of a drum promotes high-quality rotation and the movement of a product with uniform putting liquid and loose ingredients. On a drum installation of two types of batchers is provided.

The Batcher of liquid ingredients includes:

  • capacity from food stainless steel which design allows to maintain in advance set product temperature electronic control;
  • the pump gear with the operated speed of rotation allows to try to obtain an exact dose of supply of liquid;
  • a nozzle and a support with adjustable elements for uniform dusting of ingredient on a product.

The Batcher of loose ingredients includes:

  • capacity with the ripper;
  • the screw portioning device with a vibrotray, with the changeable frequency of rotation allowing to achieve dispensing accuracy with the minimum losses.


Productivity of 20-100 kg/h (regulated)
Volume of the liquid batcher of 60 l
The volume of the dry batcher (dispensing adjustable, according to those the customer’s task) of 50 dm / cube
Power consumption of 25 kW
Overall dimensions of of highway in 2550 * 1800 * 1400 mm
Weight of 300 kg


The drying device is one of links of various technological lines of production of food, and is intended for thermal drying with compulsory ventilation of the most different products (dry breakfasts, pasta, corn sticks, potatoes for chips, mushrooms, fruit, etc.). Wide range of regulation of parameters and electronic control allows to use the drying device to the most different purposes.
The drying device consists of three conveyors moving with separately set speed. The minimum speed of the reception conveyor promotes the maximum removal of moisture already in an initial stage of drying. Moisture is removed thanks to passing of a stream of hot air through cells of a mesh cloth of the conveyor on which there is a product. Circulation of hot air is closed. Emission of moisture is carried out through forcibly exhaust system. The stream of hot air on each conveyor is regulated individually. The tightness of protection with the heatreflecting layer promotes the minimum losses of heat in the drying device and to increase in efficiency. The movement of a product and temperature of a stream of hot air is set by electronic program control. The arrangement of heating elements, remote from a product, does the drying device fireproof.

Electric power of heating elements of 13,5-27,0 kW
Electric power of the engine of the air pump of 0,37 kW
Electric power of the engine of the drive of conveyors of 0,55 kW
Food 380B / 50
Time of passing of a product of 3,5-30 min. (regulated)
Вrying еemperature of 20 – 130 °C
Length of conveyors
3rd floor 3,5 m
2nd floor 3 m
1 floor 3 m
Overall dimensions of of highway in 3,6 * 1.3 * 1,8 m
Weight no more than 1000 kg



The packing device it is intended for packaging of various loose products (nutlets, croutons, candies, corn sticks, baranets, cookies, grain, sugar, etc.) in packages from the materials welded in the thermocontact way. Productivity of the packing device depends on length of a package, type and power of the batcher, a type of the dosed product, the volume of a dose and the required dose accuracy.

of FEATURE of the packing device
On this model of the packing car the movement of the main knots, the system of pneumatic executive mechanisms of the foreign producers which have proved in the world market provides.

Automatic control of the packing device is exercised of microprocessor controllers.

The packing device consists of two main parts. The first part consists of one or several weight dosing mechanisms, the second performs functions: formation of a sleeve; drawing on the set length; soldering, trimming and dating of a ready package. Three rill weight batcher of floating type with nine vibromagnets (regular option) considerably increase productivity of the packing device with preservation of accuracy of the set weight. (At the request of the customer the option of installation of the volume batcher is possible).


Maximum productivity 40 pack ice. / min.
of ready packages of 63-205 mm. (from diameter of a tube)
Diameter of a roll max. of 400 mm
Tension of network ~ 380 V / 50 Hz.
Power consumption max. of 1,5 kW.
air Pressure of 3-5 kg/cm ³
Overall dimensions of of highway in 800 * 1000 * 2300 mm
Weight of 450 kg

The used packing materials:

  • a viscose (cellophane) film on norm of CSN 646813;
  • a viscose (cellophane) film with polyethylene layers of SVITEN;
  • a viscose film with layers of an aluminum film with SVITAL/PE polyethylene;
  • paper with polyethylene layers of TAPATEN;
  • a polypropylene film on norm of CSN-BOPP (TATRAFAN);
  • other materials welded in the thermocontact way.

Estimated price

(the price can considerably will cause a stir, depending on those a task)