Capacities from stainless steel

Capacities from stainless steel

LLC Prodlife has wide experience in production of capacities of different function. A main type of the made capacities – of capacity for the food industry . Capacities are made with a shirt of cooling or heating, equipped with mixers, devices for descent of pressure, etc. Production of capacity according to drawings of the customer is possible .

Also we make standard and we develop the new capacitor equipment from stainless steel for milk-processing, brewing, oil and fat, mayonnaise and other branches of the food industry.
Scope of capacities: storage, heat treatment, mixing, cooling, maturing, normalization, souring, emulsification, beating of the wide range of products.
Equipment of capacities: the opened or closed cylindrical corrosion-proof tanks equipped with the following knots and components:

  • internal (grocery) capacity
  • external capacity for giving of the heat carrier or coolant (in the form of a continuous shirt or a twisted coil)
  • heat insulation and external facing
  • the motor reducer with the mixer of various types and designs
  • the washing head
  • hatch or cover
  • control panel
  • the system of automation (at the request of the customer)
  • various structural elements at the request of the customer (branch pipes, shutoff valves, observation ports, level gages, heating elements, pumps, filters, products pipelines).

The Using materials: as materials for production of the details adjoining to products uses food stainless acidproof steel.

the Price of capacities from stainless steel pay off our experts in the shortest terms.
Production of capacities from stainless steel of any type occupies time minimum thanks to our extensive production base. Employees of our company are highly qualified in production of a metalwork and constantly increase the technological and scientific level. You can order industrial capacity from stainless steel of any form including figured, non-standard. We will execute any non-standard project on production of metal wares . You will be able to order tanks for caustic and chemically active liquids. We use the highly effective sheetings of internal walls of capacity from stainless steel interfering violation of structure and also strong connections of construction elements.

The product price contractual, it depends on a configuration and the volume of capacity.

Concerning acquisition of production and also another interesting you, a request to follow the link Feedback to specify the topic interesting you in the letter and to leave the contact information (we will communicate in the shortest terms), or to call us by phone specified on the page Contacts

Capacities from stainless steel have broad application in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil industries. Capacities from stainless steel are irreplaceable practically corrosion-proof capacity in all branches of the economy. Such products prevent premature damage of products and allow to use reasonably available area. Thanks to corrosion-proof material and the correct processing of capacity from stainless steel have big service life. They are perfectly isolated and tight that, in turn, promotes protection of a product against temperature influence and harmful influence of the atmospheric air accelerating damage of many liquids.

Having established capacities from stainless steel on the production, you will get rid of the mass of the economic problems connected with storage of products, operation and cleaning of the equipment.

Production of a food container under the order will provide optimum storage conditions.